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Letter: A response to an anti-Bunn letter

I don't usually write letters to the editor, but I couldn't let another letter from Mr. Penas ("Wondering how she will achieve goal," Letters, Sept. 23) pass without comment.

In both 2006 and 2008, even though he doesn't live in her district, Penas wrote a string of highly partisan letters attacking Bunn. He's just a Republican mouthpiece.

While recognizing that she is a Stanford-trained economist, he criticizes her for wanting to "stabilize" state government revenue. Like that's a bad thing.

State revenues fluctuate with the ebb and flow of sales and income taxes. When the economy is good, the money flows in, but when times are bad, it slows dramatically.

This makes the swings from surplus to deficit worse, and causes big problems for the state, counties and the schools.

Our governor thinks it's a problem, too. He appointed a bi-partisan commission of former Revenue and Finance Commissioners. They've been meeting for over a year on proposals to stabilize state revenues.

Mr. Penas doesn't seem to understand that stabilizing state revenues is an entirely different issue from cutting spending or increasing taxes.

We could have greater stability in state revenues, without raising or lowering the amount collected, if only our legislators could work together and get it done.

Having watched her work at the Legislature these past two years, I'm sure Rep. Bunn will study the commission's recommendations, gather additional input, and then work in a bi-partisan manner to do what makes sense for the state and for our financial future.

Keith Bogut

Lake Elmo