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Letter: Good candidates in Washington County

I was dismayed to hear that the Washington County Board of Commissioners and the Woodbury City Council have set their preliminary property tax levy increases for 2009 at 5.7 and 5.4 percent, respectively.

Once again, government officials tap a well they apparently seem to think will never run dry. At a time when many families are "barely making ends meet," and property values have fallen, they choose to increase our taxes by a combined eleven plus percent, not including the school districts portion.

Anyone with a high school education in economics knows you cut taxes when the economy is struggling, not raise them. If one is not learned in economics, one need only look at history to find numerous examples of officials on both sides of the isle who had the character and integrity to stand up to those at the "government trough" and do what is right.

Some will tell you when property values drop so does government revenue. Although this is true, the solution isn't to raise levies to make up the difference, or maintain consistent funding.

The proper solution is to cut taxes, which will promote economic growth and increase revenues just as it did for Kennedy in the 1960s, Reagan in the 1980s, and Bush in the 2000s, and it will today.

If we go a step further, and cut spending as well, the results would be even more dramatic.

Thankfully, we have two great candidates with that kind of character and integrity running for office: Lisa Weik is running for Washington County Board of Commissioners and Natalie Miller for Woodbury City Council.

Having spoken with both Lisa Weik and Natalie Miller extensively, I am confident they understand economic policy. Now more than ever, we need candidates that understand the lessons of the past and share a vision of prosperity for our future and know and understand the policies to bring that to fruition.

These candidates for local office have uncommon backbone and will represent the taxpayers' interests over the government's or their own self-centered interests.

I hope you will join me voting for Lisa Weik for the Washington County Board and Natalie Miller for Woodbury City Council on Nov. 4.

Kelly J. Parker