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Letter: Strongly supports Lisa Weik

I find it fitting that appointed Washington County Commissioner Dick Stafford has offered a pseudo "endorsement" of candidate Cheryl Hurst for the position he is vacating.

After all, on the way out the door, appointed commissioner Stafford was the deciding vote on the county board to raise the sales tax in Washington County -- which cost taxpayers about $5 million annually.

And most recently, he voted to raise everyone's property taxes with a 5.9 percent increase in the county's property tax levy.

Considering Ms. Hurst has been a vocal cheerleader for the sales tax increase herself, and as a former city council member voted to raise our property taxes repeatedly, this "endorsement" of one fiscally irresponsible tax hiker by another fiscally irresponsible tax hiker is not surprising.

Washington County voters do not need another person who will maintain and raise taxes in light of the federal bailouts proposed today,

Thanks for your recommendation Commissioner Stafford. Now I certainly know who not to vote for.

I strongly support candidate Lisa Weik, who will take an informed and principled approach to holding the line on our property taxes in 2009 and beyond.

Don Schellhammer