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Letter: Al Franken does get it

As a survivor of domestic abuse I'm appalled at a recent letter implying certain things about Al Franken, the only U.S. Senate candidate in this race who I know will work to end the pervasive cycle of domestic violence.

Norm Coleman voted against $9 million worth of funding for the Violence Against Women's Act -- where's his apology for that?

I've personally experienced having my terrified children huddled in a corner and having my daughter call 911, fearing for my life. The Frankens heard my story‚ and countless other stories‚ and they took action.

Through the support of Franni and Al, I found my voice to speak out about my own history of domestic abuse. They helped fund a project at the Sheila Wellstone Institute allowing me to share my story of abuse and start to heal.

Because of their commitment, I'm now able to share my story with other survivors and advocates. I was able to stand up in Washington D.C. and tell my story to legislators.

Norm said he'd be there‚ yet he failed to show up to the event and no one from his office did either. Where's his apology for that?

Finding the courage to leave a batterer isn't enough. Battered women need to speak out and vote for candidates who will work on behalf of Minnesota women and their families.

Norm had his chance and he has failed us miserably.

Al will be a vote for survivors of domestic violence and he'll be that partner in the senate we so desperately need -- he already has been!

Ann Tessar