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Letter: Wondering how she will achieve goal

After reading an article regarding Julie Bunn, I was impressed. She appears to be a very well-educated lady, even acquiring a doctorate in economics from Stanford University (No small feat.)

I lived in the Palo Alto area for 10 years and attended some Stanford functions, including their home football games.

One of the neatest moments at their games is the introduction of the marching band. They jump out onto the field from all parts of the stadium, from all directions. Their uniforms are non-existent. They wear virtually anything of any description.

It looks terribly disorganized, not unlike our DFL majority. They do in fact, end up playing wonderful, entertaining music with a very professional sound.

Which is unlike our DFL majority, who passed contentious legislation under the guise of having a successful session while raising taxes, increasing government spending, expanding regulations and implementing social engineering programs.

That reminded me of the Stanford Marching Band entrance, but it never reached the band's professional level of competence.

If we re-elect Julie Bunn to office, she states that one of her primary goals is to stabilize state government revenue.

The question to ask is how she intends to accomplish this worthy goal? Would it be by controlling spending or would it be by raising taxes?

The voters are wondering.

John R. Penas