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Letter: Palin has all the right stuff

Kathryn Berg can't seem to understand why Bethany Dorobiala regarded Sarah Palin's speech as powerful.

As a former speech coach and teacher I can tell you Palin hit a homerun with her stellar delivery; that was obvious.

Even the liberal media couldn't handle the electricity behind Palin's words. Their spin failed and they ended up comparing the Republican vice presidential candidate to the Democrat presidential candidate.

It's not surprising since Palin's executive experience outweighs Obama's short time in the senate, where he mostly voted present on key issues.

In Berg's (letter to the editor) on Sept. 17, she refers to Palin's speech as mean-spirited and Bethany's support as "sad."

It's the media who was, and continues to be, mean-spirited by attacking Palin's Down syndrome child and other private family members.

Obama sees her as such a threat he sent a team of people to Alaska to harass those citizens and dig up dirt. They haven't found anything -- dirty politics as usual.

Worst of all, what's really "sad" is the response to this exceptional female candidate by the Democrats, the so-called party for women.

In Palin's speech, she exposed Obama's weak credentials and set herself apart from the wealthy government political class. She succeeded on her own -- no multimillion dollar fundraisers with the stars.

I guess dimming the lights on Obama's Las Vegas act is not allowed. And speaking for strong women with families is considered negative. Palin is a feminist in all the right ways.

Bethany has her eye on the right person in this election.

Palin has all the right stuff to make history -- a record, a passion and a nation of women who have waited for someone positive, powerful and ready.

Marisa Novak