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Letter: Support Hurst for county commissioner

I had the pleasure of serving eight years on the Woodbury City Council with Cheryl Hurst.

Throughout her twelve-year tenure on the council, Cheryl proved to be a dedicated public servant, a great advocate for Woodbury citizens and a thoughtful problem-solver with no agenda other than the community's best interest.

She was instrumental in adopting a very successful plan to slow our community's growth to a manageable level, passing two open space referendums that substantially expanded our wonderful park and trail system, building Central Park so that our community had a true gathering place, and bringing a farmer's market to Woodbury.

I am confident that if elected as County Commissioner Cheryl would succeed in bringing similar benefits to Washington County.

If there is one hallmark of Cheryl's outstanding public service, it is her unswerving commitment to our community. Her commitment has always been unadulterated by partisan politics or special interests.

Indeed, there has been a long-standing and venerable tradition in both Woodbury and Washington County to leave partisan politics out of City Council and County Commissioner elections. That tradition has served us very well.

Unfortunately, however, that tradition has been violated by Cheryl's opponent, who sought party endorsement for her candidacy and interjected partisan politics into this local election.

I urge the residents of Woodbury and Washington County to soundly reject these efforts so that our local government does not begin to suffer from the malaise that infects our state and national politics.

Please join me in supporting Cheryl Hurst for Washington County Commissioner.

Michael D. Madigan