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Letter: Weik will prioritize county expenses

I totally fail to see why Washington County should spend $5 million a year just for the opportunity to be "at the table" when the Transit Improvement Board (TIB) makes its decisions about how to spend the quarter percent sales tax money from the five metropolitan counties.

Washington County should rescind this tax, and choose a more intelligent and effective expenditure of our money for buses, park and rides, whatever we choose as suiting our county needs best.

We already pay for the Met Council as the agency for buses and park and rides, so we don't need to be part of another taxing entity doing the same thing.

The TIB already voted to spend $270 million on Minneapolis-St. Paul Central Corridor and Hiawatha light rail.

Do we really believe there will be any of our sales tax money left over to come back to Washington County? $5 million annually in sales taxes to get crumbs back is a complete waste of our money.

We all sit around the kitchen table, trying to figure out how we keep our families afloat and now see another $5 million flushed down the drain just for this project.

I will not vote Nov 4 to allow Washington County to keep throwing our money away on such frivolity.

I will vote for Lisa Weik, who will be the deciding vote to take Washington County out of the TIB permanently. She will carefully prioritize our county expenses, across the board.

Gary Baran