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Letter: Appreciates personal visit by Bunn

As we head into the "Negative Campaign Ad season," I was inspired by a hotel chain's promotion: guests are encouraged to tell management not only when they have a complaint about a staff member, but also when they found a staff member doing something right.

In this spirit, I'm happy to report that I encountered one of our employees, Rep. Julie Bunn, at the bus stop last month. I arrived at the park and ride shortly after 7 a.m., and she was already there chatting with people in line. Not surprisingly, people were talking transportation.

No question, it's a growing problem: gas prices and bus fares are rising, I-94 is getting more congested -- and no, there's no magic light rail genie in sight.

But Bunn indicated that our elected representatives in the East Metro were working together to protect and enhance our bus access to downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Bunn discussed plans for expanding parking facilities for the park and ride lots, and reported on efforts to organize a "joint powers agreement" between the county and communities along I-94 to push for more improvements along the corridor.

People had a lot to say; I know I gave her an earful. But we also got the chance to say thanks.

As we brace for the inevitable list of grievances that each party will lodge against the other, I wanted to inject a note of gratitude for our elected officials.

Maybe Rep. Bunn and her colleagues are just doing their jobs, but when they take the time to come talk to us and see first-hand what's happening on the ground, I appreciate it.

Eric Witte