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Letter: Shares Weik's view on tax increase

I am in strong agreement with the viewpoint expressed by Lisa Weik in last week's edition (July 30) of the Woodbury Bulletin.

The tax increase that went into effect July 1 is said to ensure representation for the county as Metro Transit allocates its budget and makes future plans.

The problem I have with this is that it guarantees nothing for Washington county. I am not at all interested in funding additional transit for our larger neighboring counties.

Woodbury already had bus service before the .25 percent sales tax increase went into effect (with routes that travel to downtown St. Paul and Minneapolis only).

A car is still required to run errands in Woodbury or to go from Woodbury to Stillwater.

I believe county residents would see better use of their tax dollars by funding road and bridge projects that will be decided by the county board, not Metro Transit.

Unfortunately, none of the sales tax will go for this more worthwhile use and Washington County will not have any more influence than any other metro area county in securing new transit options. I can make use of the .25 percent in much smarter ways that I guarantee will be spent more wisely.

Rob Gochoel