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Letter: A tale of two viewpoints

First lets all agree that there isn't anyone in their right mind against all taxes. Tax dollars operate our state and our nation.

It is totally about how those tax dollars are spent, that raises the questions.

There were two Viewpoints published in the July 30 Bulletin. One by Lisa Weik, running for Washington County Commissioner and one by Julie Bunn running for re-election as a DFL Legislator.

Lisa laid out a few facts in her attempt to influence Woodbury voters.

First, she is against raising property taxes.

Second, she is against spending Washington County taxes on the light rail fiasco in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Third, she feels most of our residents would want the quarter-cent sales tax, projected at $5 million per year, be spent in Washington County by Washington County.

Fourth, she fully supports expanded new bus service as a common sense approach to public transportation.

As an aside I totally agree with all these points.

Julie writes glowing rhetoric about the children, happy families, happy times and vibrant community life.

This is all great, except that she thinks it is a government function to provide for all this greatness and that spending taxpayer money is essential to protecting our citizens.

Her liberal view that the government exists to continually provide, at someone else's expense, is an ongoing problem in our state and our nation.

This method of pandering for votes from specific sectors by raising taxes and redistributing income may be a political winner, but it is a harmful and risky policy and a sad commentary of our majority legislators.

John R. Penas