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Letter: Writing is on the legislative wall

How appropriate, Julie Bunn (Viewpoint, July 2) has now explained how and why we should all applaud the wonderful tax increases brought about by her and the DFL majority.

She is asking us to be happy over the fact that we do not pay the highest state tax in the nation.

I would guess that all the rhetoric is being made to prepare us for, as another writer states, a nibble here, a nibble there and a nibble, nibble everywhere which soon become large bites.

So hang on taxpayers, it appears the writing is on the wall for the upcoming legislative session -- more tax increases.

As usual, she continues with a litany of self-serving praise statements.

Very soon, expect to hear from Kathy Saltzman about the last wonderful session and her high expectations for the new session.

Hopefully, perhaps a viewpoint or letter regarding common sense in government will be forthcoming from Kathy Lohmer.

John R. Penas