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Letter: Bachmann owes no apology

Renee Murray's attack on Rep. Bachmann (Letters, May 21) revealed what's wrong with people today: They want their government to be all things to all people everywhere. But Bachmann doesn't owe us an apology for voting against the latest fiscally insane farm bill.

No politician who does what's right for the country as a whole should be criticized for expecting folks back home to put their own self-interests ahead of the nation's as a whole. What's good for Minnesota isn't necessarily good for America, but what's good for America inevitably will be good for Minnesotans, too.

The real problem is spendaholics like Colin Peterson who couldn't care less about the damage done by earmarks that blow new holes in the national debt.

I suggest Murray spend less time concocting rank sophistry like "What's Bachmann Done For Us?" and more time understanding why it's important to not just talk about cutting government spending.

Mark Overholser