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Letter: What's Bachmann really done for us?

Rep. Michele Bachmann rails against all earmarks as wasteful spending in her recent taxpayer-funded mailing to voters.

But while she's clearly against earmarks, she doesn't say anything about what she's actually done for Minnesota.

It's all well and good to oppose pork projects, but don't spend my money to tell me what you won't do in Washington; rather, tell me what you have done for our district.

Rep. Bachmann has been ineffective in getting anything passed to help Minnesota.

Instead of taking a "no earmarks pledge" that hurts our district, why can't Rep. Bachmann follow the lead of our Senators Coleman and Klobuchar and pledge to clean up the earmark process while still funding important and worthy local projects that bring tax dollars and jobs to Minnesota?

We need representation in Congress we can be proud of -- someone who can build the kinds of coalitions that will bring real change to Washington and accomplish something for our district.

Renee Murray

Lake Elmo