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Letter to the editor: Afton's trapping proposal would end 'unbearably cruel' practice

Thanks to Amber Kispert-Smith for highlighting the importance of protecting animals from trapping ("An end to trapping in Afton?"; June 12).

Animals caught in barbaric leghold traps and snares suffer immensely from their injuries, long periods of distress, and ultimately a sad death. Archaic killing methods such as suffocation, drowning and chest crushing are widely used today -- methods that, in fact, would be considered a felony offense in some states if inflicted intentionally upon domestic cats or dogs. Traps are indiscriminate, so many non-targeted animals die as "collateral damage," including endangered species and family pets. Human injuries also may occur.

Outlawing trapping within the city limits would be an important step toward ending this cruelty. All compassionate Afton city residents should make their voice heard and urge the City Council to introduce this ordinance without delay. Inaction would be unbearably cruel for the magnificent wildlife in the state.

Kate Dylewsky - Arlington, Va.

Dylewsky is a member of Born Free USA, a national wildlife advocacy group