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Fraudulent caller targets Woodbury senior in $39,000 scam

Woodbury police believe an 82-year-old man was the victim of a multi-thousand-dollar scam after a caller who claimed to be the man's grandson persuaded him to mail $39,000 in cash to an Atlanta address.

According to a report filed July 13, the caller posed as the man's grandson July 12 and asked for money to bail out another individual arrested en route to a funeral.

A second request for money came July 13, when the caller said his fingerprints were found on a bag of drugs in the car, followed by a third call asking for even more money.

At the caller's request, the man withdrew cash and mailed it to the caller through three FedEx packages over two days. The cash amounts ranged from $8,900 to $18,300 for a total of $38,700.

FedEx tracking for the packages revealed that someone received them at an Atlanta, Georgia, home that is currently for sale.

The man said that he lost the tracking number for the final package, but is currently working with FedEx to recall it.

Woodbury police sent a teletype to Atlanta police to contact the residents of the home and check for any packages left on the doorstep. According to the complaint, Woodbury police have not yet received results from the teletype.