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Reclamite application scheduled to start Aug. 7

The City of Woodbury will use a new method to seal more than 40 miles of the city's roadway. The project is scheduled to start the first week in August. Submitted by Woodbury Public Works.

A weeks-long project city officials hope will slow the crumble of more than 40 miles of Woodbury roadways is slated to start Aug. 7.

Woodbury City Council members passed a resolution in June to accept a $628,050 bid from Corrective Asphalt Materials, LLC for the application of reclamite, a road-sealing material Public Works Director Klayton Eckles said offers a more pliable alternative to seal-coating.

During the reclamite application process, a truck covers the pavement in a layer of oil that is also a component of the pavement's initial construction. The oil is covered in sand for 24 hours.

The city had treated the roads with chip coating — a process of covering a layer of oil with rocks — during a surge of construction in the '90s and early 2000s.

Eckles said chip coating can lead to pavement failure, a problem that cropped up in Woodbury about seven years ago.

"We seal-coated more roads than any other city in the state because of all the construction that happened," Eckles said at the July 28 City Council meeting. "It seems that when the roads are 15 to 20 years old, all of a sudden they just kind of fall off a cliff and crumble apart at the surface. That's what we've been seeing, and other cities have started seeing it, too."

He said the department hopes the new treatment will prolong pavement life by three to five years.

Reclamite also offers the city a cheaper method to preserve its roads.

While chip coating typically costs up to $1.30 per square yard, reclamite totals up to about 80 to 90 cents per square yard.

Public Works expects the reclamite application to last until about Sept. 1.

Eckles said that because the process uses a fine rather than sticky oil, residents will be able to drive and walk on the surface while it sets.

"If you go out of town the week they (apply) it, you might not notice," he said.

Street parking, however, will be prohibited in work zones during certain hours.

Eckles advises that residents who live on streets that were paved with new blacktop in the last two years will likely see reclamite application.

"Since 2014 when we had a citizens task force and decided to increase our rehabilitation efforts, we've done miles and miles of roadway rehabilitation," Eckles told the Woodbury Bulletin. "We want to make sure our residents get the maximum return out of their investment. So, this is an attempt to do that."


Street parking will be prohibited between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. in work zones during the reclamite application. The roadwork is scheduled to affect the following locations:

2015 and 2016 Roadway Rehabilitation Project areas (see map)

• City Place Phase II on Woodbury Lakes Drive

• Dancing Waters, 11th through 13th and 15th through 17th additions

• Stonemill Farms, 10th through 14th additions

• Bielenberg Gardens

• St. Therese

• Bailey Lake, first and second additions

• Ashton Ridge, first addition

• Pioneer Point

• Woodhaven