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Council approves new hunting map

Woodbury is proposing these changes, circled in red, to the city's hunting map. Submitted Graphic / City of Woodbury

Hunting will no longer be permitted on portions of land in south Woodbury following modifications to the city's hunting map.

The move will close off sections of land near Lake, Cottage Grove Drive and Brookview following City Council approval May 10.

The areas had previously been listed as restricted, which means a permit and landowner permission were required to hunt there.

The city updates the map every two to three years to accommodate development. The last update was in 2015.

Hunting will still be allowed in the city's southeastern corner, where hunters are still required to obtain landowner permission and must stay at least 500 feet away from houses and buildings.

The decision garnered mixed input from neighbors.

Don Stahl said the option to hunt played a key role in his decision to purchase his Crackleberry Trail property last summer.

"We very much like the freedom to do with our land what we see fit within the law," he said during public comment at the meeting. "We appreciate the Woodbury Police Department taking care of criminal complaints as they pop up. I would strongly encourage that that continue and that residents who've had issues deal with the police department and not turn this into a policy thing unnecessarily.

Ron Steelman said lots near his Kalen Drive property are too small to hunt animals like deer.

"I have no reservations about someone shooting a rabbit, but big game is a whole different story," he said.