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Council chambers project nears completion

A construction crew works on renovations to the Woodbury City Council chambers May 3, 2017. Youssef Rddad / RiverTown Multimedia

Renovations to the Woodbury City Council chambers are nearing completion.

Despite the project being set back from its fall 2016 start date, city leaders anticipate the $514,000 project will wrap up before the council's June meeting.

"Even though it's a small space, there's a lot of details that go into it," said Parks and Recreation Director Bob Klatt. His department, in addition to Woodbury's parks, also oversees municipal buildings.

The redesign includes replacing the dias where council sits, carpets, ceilings, heating ventilation and air conditioning systems. The city recycled the items that were being replaced, Klatt said.

The project will increase the size of a conference room, named the Cherry Room, which will hold city workshops and meetings.

The conference room will be equipped with a large table, fridge, countertops and much of the same audiovisual technology found in the council chambers.

The project will also include upgrades to the audio, visual and lighting systems as well. Those upgrades will be added last, Klatt said.

The South Washington County Telecommunications Commission will also resume live streaming meetings online.

The chambers haven't been renovated since the early 1990s, and the offices received a facelift 10 years ago, Klatt said.

City leaders scrapped some added items — such as optional security additions — to drive the project's cost down from a proposed $672,606 last fall.

The city may revisit adding overall security upgrades to City Hall in the coming years.

Klatt said he's unsure whether the city will hold a reception event or christen the space by holding scheduled meetings.