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Woodbury Days Medallion Hunt Clue No. 2

Here's clue No. 2 for the 2014 Woodbury Days Medallion Hunt.  Be sure to check back here at 9 a.m. Friday for clue No. 3.

Somewhere in the dark

A medallion was hidden in a park

Success will find you least

If you hunt in Woodbury’s east

Previous clues:

Clue No. 1

Additional clues for the hidden 2014 Woodbury Days medallion will be revealed until the treasure is found.

Call the Woodbury Days medallion hunt hotline at 651-319-4488, where clues will be revealed at 9 a.m. or online at The clues will also be available through Edina Realty’s hotline number: 651-730-2340.

If the medallion is not found by Friday, Aug. 15, more clues will be revealed resuming Monday, Aug. 18.

Return the medallion to the Woodbury Bulletin at 8420 City Centre Drive.

The winner receives a $500 check from Edina Realty with a Woodbury Days button. The prize is $250 courtesy of Edina Realty without a button.