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Minnesota roundup: Bachmann aide investigated, priest sex-abuse list to be released

Archdiocese To Release Priest Sex-Abuse List

(St. Paul) --  It's expected the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and MinneapolisThursday will only release 29 out of the 33 names of priests accused of sexually abusing minors.  Officials say one priest didn't serve in the archdiocese and allegations can't be substantiated against the other three.  Victims' attorney Mike Finnegan says "every different time that we've been in court trying to get them to release the list of names, they've fought that at every turn.  And so one of the things that they may do is appeal at least on some of the names."  A Ramsey County judge on Monday ordered the archdiocese to release the complete list by December 17th, and also ordered the Winona Diocese to release a list of 13 priests' names.

Pack Your Winter Survival Kit

(St. Paul) --  Now that winter is back in a big way, the State Patrol is reminding motorists to plan ahead by putting a winter weather emergency kit in their vehicles.  Lieutenant Eric Roeske (ROSS-kee) says the kit should include a blanket, hat, boots, gloves, a flashlight, matches, a tin cup to melt snow for drinking water and also a bright ribbon or something that you can tie to your antenna to attract attention if you do need help.  Roeske also advises packing a snack and having a charged cell-phone with you in your vehicle at all times as well. 

Convicted Killer Charged In Minnesota Man's Murder

(Philadelphia, PA)  --  A convicted killer already serving a life sentence has been charged in the shooting death of a Minnesota man just a month after he moved to Pennsylvania.  Beau Zabel moved from Austin to Philadelphia in May 2008 to begin a teaching job in Philadelphia public schools. He was shot to death the next month.  The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that a witness has how come forward, telling police that Marcellus Jones killed Zabel after realizing that the iPod he was carrying wasn't a much more valuable iPhone.  Jones is already serving a life sentence for killing his getaway driver in the Zabel murder.

FBI Targets Former Bachmann Aide

(Des Moines, IA)  --  The FBI is going after a former campaign aide for Congresswoman Michele Bachmann's 2012 presidential bid.  The home of former Iowa State Senator Kent Sorenson was raided two weeks ago, with his lawyer confirming the search just yesterday to the "Des Moines Register."  Computers and materials connected to Sorenson's work with both Bachmann and Ron Paul's campaigns were seized by federal agents.  Sorenson jumped ship from Bachmann's camp to Paul just before the Iowa Caucuses, and authorities have alleged they have evidence he was paid to do so.

Man Fined For Spitting In Public

(Minneapolis)  --  A 21-year-old Twin Cities man is learning the expensive way that Minneapolis has a law banning spitting in public.  KARE-TV reports Myles Thomas was fined 115-dollars when a police officer saw him spit as he walked along the road in Dinkytown with friends.  Thomas says he was just getting over an illness and that's what caused him to have to spit.  He's not planning to fight the ticket.

Faulty Generator Delays T-Wolves Game

(Mexico City)  --  Smoke from a malfunctioning generator is the reason the Minnesota Timberwolves and San Antonio Spurs will have to play a make-up game later this year.  The two teams were set to play last night in Mexico City when smoke filled the arena about an hour before tip-off.  The game was to be part of the NBA's Global Games international initiative and was the first contest in Mexico since Dallas played Houston in that country in 1997.  A date for the make-up game hasn't been set.