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Q&A with District 834 School Board challenger Jerry Clark

Jerry Clark

• Age: 39

• City of residence: Stillwater

• Years lived in district: On and off over my life totaling about 28 to 30 years

• Education: Bachelor's in journalism with physics minor

• Occupation: Customer service rep at Andersen Windows

• Notable community and civic involvement: I enjoy helping out as much as possible during Lumberjack Days here in town. Help a lot of friends and neighbors with repair projects.

• Contact: or

Why are you running for the Stillwater Area School Board?

Because I don't like seeing my community torn apart over issues that have alternative solutions.

What are the biggest issues in District 834 for residents living in Woodbury?

I think trust is the biggest issue district-wide. We need to elect people who will help rebuild and repair the division among our population.

How do you plan to address these issues if elected?

Slow down the decision making process regarding school closures. Take another look to see if we cannot help create more balanced schools that keep the diverse and cherished nature that each has to offer. One piece of a bigger solution would be to look into an inter-school transit network being developed.

What distinguishes you from the other candidates?

I grew up here as the son of two teachers in the district. I experienced these schools as a child and I feel like I know the communities of our district and why the varied opinions of the constituency should all be valued.

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