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Radio Drive construction gets green light from board

The Washington County Board has approved a 5-year capital improvement plan that includes a number of road fixes in Woodbury and Cottage Grove and some long-awaited upgrades to the Cottage Grove Ravine Regional Park.

The capital improvement plan, or CIP, is a multi-year outline that identifies projects for 2013 through 2017. It includes unspecified traffic signal upgrades and pavement preservation projects across the county.

In Woodbury, the county's CIP calls for major improvements to Radio Drive between Bailey and Glen roads; an upgrade to Woodbury Drive from Park Crossing to a quarter-mile south of Bailey Raod; a Valley Creek Road extension; a trail upgrade and further Gateway Corridor mass transit planning.

"I'm happy to see most of the funding is going to be addressed toward roads and bridges in the next five years," said Commissioner Lisa Weik, who represents much of Woodbury on the board. "That's something I hear about a lot in my district."

Proposed projects in Cottage Grove include new a new picnic shelter, parking lot improvements and road upgrades at Cottage Grove Ravine Regional Park, as well as the relocation of the park's entrance closer to Keats Avenue/county Highway 19; improvements to safety and traffic control on 70th Street/county Highway 22 from U.S. Highway 61 to Hinton Avenue; and the eventual transfer of Jamaica Avenue to Washington County control.

Commissioners will review and approve projects annually during the county's budget planning process.

-Jon Avise