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Washington County releases 2008 performance report

How is the county doing?

This may not be a common greeting among Washington County residents when they meet one another on the street.

Yet, a county performance report, now available for pick-up at county libraries or reading at addresses dozens of aspects of life that affect residents on a daily basis.

The report, recently reviewed by the Washington County Board of Commissioners, notes information from how many fruits and vegetables teens are eating each day to how many veterans use county services to where the county ranks among its metropolitan counterparts for per capita taxes. Updated demographic information, recent information on county crime statistics and an accounting of the money residents saved by going to their county library rather than buying books and DVDs is all tracked in the report.

After reading the report, residents will be able to answer these questions:

• How many county residents are receiving "safety net" services in this era of economic uncertainty?

• How many times did county residents visit their local parks?

• How many voters registered on election day?

• How many veterans live in Washington County?

To learn more about Washington County, the services it provides and the responses of area residents to those services, see the Washington County 2008 Performance Report at or pick up a copy at any of the county's public libraries.