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Time for a Coke (or Mello Yello) and a smile

Anyone wanting a Mountain Dew during a sporting event at any of Woodbury’s city-owned facilities will now have to have a Mello Yello instead.

The city of Woodbury has severed ties with The Pepsi Bottling Group after signing a new, three-year contract with Coca-Cola. 

The Pepsi Bottling Group has been the exclusive beverage vendor for the city of Woodbury since 1998. 

Woodbury renews its beverage contract every three years. As part of that process, the city seeks proposals from interested vendors. Proposals were received from the two companies in late 2014. After reviewing both, city officials decided to switch vendors. 

The proposals were similar, but Coca-Cola offered upfront payments and lower costs of products with higher volume. 

“The upfront dollars from Coca-Cola far outweighs the rebates and cash that Pepsi had to offer,” Woodbury recreation specialist Jodi Sauro wrote in her memo to the Woodbury City Council. 

That means every one of the city’s facilities – including all city municipal buildings, Central Park, Bielenberg Sports Center, Eagle Valley Golf Course, city hall and the public safety and public works buildings – now offers Coca-Cola products.