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Q&A: MNsure signup

ST. PAUL — As the extended deadline approaches, MNsure officials have provided some answers to some frequently asked questions about the Minnesota health care insurance exchange signup.

Q. What are the deadlines?

A. You have until midnight Tuesday to pick a plan and a payment method. MNsure encourages applicants  to pay online. If you choose to be billed, then the payment must arrive at MNsure or the health insurance company by close of business Jan. 10. Any medical care received after Jan. 1 will be covered if the payment deadline is met. If your payment arrives after Jan. 10, coverage will start Feb. 1.

If you have already applied and paid,you are covered beginning Jan. 1.

Applications can be filled out at

Q. What if I don’t have my insurance card?

A. If you have paid, but don’t yet have an insurance card,  you are covered. You may call the health plan to confirm your enrollment. If the plan has received your enrollment from MNsure, you will be able to receive your member number or a temporary ID card or online ID card you need to access care. Your clinic, pharmacy or hospital will be able to verify your enrollment if you need care before your official ID card arrives.

Visit the Minnesota Council of Health Plans website for more information:

Q. What about MinnesotaCare or Medical Assistance?

A. If you applied through MNsure and were approved for the Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare programs, you will be covered Jan. 1. You may not get your member card right away.  It will be mailed by the end of December.  Your doctor or pharmacy will help you get services.  They can check if you qualify.

Q. I applied, but haven’t heard back. Then what?

A. If you have applied for coverage through MNsure and think you are eligible for tax credits or would like to just purchase a plan without financial help and you have not received any communication from MNsure including an invoice, a phone call from the MNsure contact center, an eligibility notice, or other communication, your application may be one that is currently in process in the MNsure system. MNsure cannot guarantee coverage effective Jan. 1.

If insurance coverage is needed by Wednesday, residents are encouraged to buy insurance directly from a health insurance company or through a licensed insurance agent.

In the meantime, MNsure will continue to process applications.  As issues are resolved and applicants are contacted, they will have until March 31 to sign up for health insurance through MNsure that will include any discount from the tax credits.