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Afton City Council briefs from March 19

Animal control officer contract renewed

Afton City Council renewed its contract with its animal control officer during its March 19 meeting.

A two-year contract, for 2013-14, was approved for the city's animal control officer Kathi Pelnar.

Pelnar's fees include: $95 per call, plus mileage, that results in an animal being taken to Hillcrest Animal Hospital, returned to owner or taken to impound or confined to city; $55 for a call that does not result in a pickup; $20 for after-hours calls, before 7:30 a.m. or after 7:30 p.m.; $20 for an emergency overnight kenneling fee; $300 for a six month retainer; and $20 for holiday pay.

The fee for a call that does not result in a pickup increased from $45 to $55. All other fees remained the same.

New animal carcass removal provider in Afton

Afton City Council approved a new animal carcass removal provider during its March 19 meeting.

Afton will contract with Tri-County for animal carcass removal at a cost of $70 per animal.

The change in provider was needed because in the past Afton used the same provider as Washington County for dead animal pick-up and disposal. However, the county recently changed providers and the cost increased from $70 per animal to $85 per animal.

A contract will presented to City Council at its April meeting.

Pay adjustments approved for Afton city staff, though Moorse must wait

Afton City Council approved a 2 percent pay adjustment for city staff during its March 19 meeting.

City Administrator Ron Moorse was omitted from the pay adjustment. Instead, the city will review his salary after his one-year anniversary date in August.

"I don't think it's appropriate to be giving Ron a 2 percent raise," City Council Member Peg Nolz said. "He got an 8 percent raise when he was hired."

However, City Council member Randy Nelson was in favor of giving everyone the same raise, including Moorse, so that the entire staff would be on the same schedule.

"I might be inclined to go a little less and keep everyone together," he said. "Ron's been good for the city and he's gone through a lot of transitions because of us."

The 2 percent pay adjustment for city staff will be retroactive to March 1.

-Amber Kispert-Smith