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Neighborhood meeting held to discuss Cochrane, Woodcliff construction plans

Cochrane Drive is one of the roads to be reconstructed this summer. The deteriorating road has been patched up as a temporary fix. Staff photo by Riham Feshir

More than 189 lots on Woodcliff Drive and 334 units on Cochrane Drive will be affected by a construction project set to begin Monday.

A neighborhood meeting was held Wednesday, June 1, to go over the project scope, scheduling, phasing and the construction process.

About 15 residents attended the meeting at City Hall, where City Engineer Aaron Nelson said the project should take about a month to complete.

"This project, for a roadway rehabilitation project, is very, very basic," he added.

The Woodcliff and Cochrane Drive neighborhood is one of seven to be included in an ambitious roadway rehabilitation mission the city took on this year.

It will take two days for the contractor to remove the street surface and damaged concrete curbs, which have been marked with arrows as cracked, broken and need to be looked at for storm sewer repairs.

However, not all marked curbs will be fixed once crews take a closer look.

"Just because it's cracked doesn't mean we're going to replace it," Nelson said, adding that if the storm sewer catch basin and its concrete rings need adjustment, then they'll be updated.

Residents who will not be able to get access to their driveways for about seven days will get a hand-delivered notice saying that driving will be prohibited on the disturbed areas.

Additionally, any disturbed grass will be replaced with about 3 feet of sod that will be under warranty for 30 days.

Nelson told residents who attended the neighborhood meeting that it will be helpful if they assist in keeping the sod alive during the construction process.

"By far, the No. 1 call we get on anything is grass," he said.

The city recommends those who have landscaping close to the curb will need to remove it to avoid extensive damage. Others with sprinkler systems should mark where they go in order to easily place the heads back where they belong, city officials said.

After concrete curbs are replaced by late June and into early July the subgrade preparation will start, followed by the first layer of paving, then restoration.

Crews will fix manholes and raise them to final elevation July 6. They will then do the second layer of paving then final striping, according to the tentative schedule.

Everything is slated to be finished by July 12 - weather permitting.

"We're just going to count on some delays, at this point, we don't know how long that will be," Nelson said.

The city has set up a hotline for this project at 651-967-4525 that will be monitored on a regular basis for those with questions or concerns.

Nelson said some residents may want to get driveway work done while crews are already out working on the road, but any private driveway work will be a separate contract between homeowners and the contractor without the city's involvement.

One resident asked if private work will be done during the hours the contractor is being compensated for by the city.

Nelson said it may be done either before or after hours since the company, ASTECH Corp., is based out of St. Cloud and is traveling the distance to work from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

He also encouraged residents to get quotes for both asphalt and concrete driveways, citing competitive prices may be motivation enough for homeowners to upgrade.

"Over the past couple of years, prices have been nearly identical," he added.

The Cochrane and Woodcliff project will cost about $849,965 with assessments paying for a third of it.

Assessments will go on the tax roll over a 15-year period at 4 percent interest if residents don't pay the full amount within 30-days of the assessment public hearing which was held May 25.

Riham Feshir
Riham Feshir is a reporter and photographer for the Woodbury Bulletin. Her coverage includes Woodbury City Hall, Washington County Board of Commissioners and business news.  Follow Riham on Twitter @RihamFeshir for the latest updates.