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Protesters take to the streets in Hudson

Saturday's protest included many visitors from Minnesota, but among the Hudson demonstrators were, front from left, Cathy leaf, Susan Stori and Beth Hansen; in back is Bill Campbell of River Falls. Hudson Star Observer photo

Protesters gathered in Hudson for the second consecutive Saturday, voicing their disdain for Gov. Scott Walker's budget repair bill.

The protesters gathered in downtown Hudson, meeting at City Hall at 10 a.m., then marching west on Locust Street and south on Second Street before going to Lakefront Park for a rally. Keynote speaker at the band shell was President of Education Minnesota Tom Dooher. He said Minnesota teachers are in strong support of Wisconsin teachers and the effort to kill the Budget Repair Bill.

The event was organized by AFT-Wisconsin (American Federation of Teachers) and coordinated with the help of the Minnesota AFL-CIO. As was the case last week, the demonstrators strongly voiced their displeasure with the Budget Repair Bill, Governor Scott Walker, area Republican politicians. They called Walker's bill as an effort toward "union busting."