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Council approves townhouse project next to East Ridge

The Woodbury City Council approved plans to build 199 townhouses south of East Ridge High School April 26.

D. R. Horton, the county's largest home construction company, plans to build 69 detached townhomes and 155 row townhomes on what used to be farm fields south of the high school.

The project will be done in phases and will likely take three to five years before it's complete, said Woodbury Community Development Director Dwight Picha.

Named Copper Ridge, the neighborhood will also include a shared park and connections to the 600-mile Mississippi River Trail biking trail.

The council also approved a 102-home community known as Fair Haven earlier this year.

Florida-based developer Lennar Corp plans to build Fair Haven on 39 acres located south of Dale Road and along Woodbury Drive.

The project will also include trail systems and other amenities.

The council also approved Cardinal Crossing, a 30-home project in March.

So far this year, the city has approved three new housing projects that will bring 356 new homes to Woodbury.

The number of new housing projects has remained consistent over the past three years, Picha said.

This year, he predicts the city will see a slight dip in new housing projects compared to 2016, when the city added 252 single family homes, 77 multi-family homes and St. Therese' 64-unit apartment building.

Picha said he's observed a growing number of developers wanting to build townhouses.

"With the economy improving we're seeing that the developments are kind of changing what they have in them," he said.

City leaders expect to see growth in the southern part of Woodbury in the coming years.

The city also tracks new and planned development for commercial and residential projects on its interactive map.