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Woodbury experiences sewage pump failures

The City of Woodbury is asking residents and businesses to be aware of what they flush down the toilet or put down the drain.

For the past three weeks, the city has noted three sanitation sewer pump failures due to clogs caused by items such as towels and rags.

The city notes items—such as diapers, shop towels, oils, grease, baby wipes, feminine pads, bandages—often cause backups when disposed of down drains or in toilets.

"When excessive amounts of fats, oils, and grease or other inappropriate waste are put into the sanitary sewer system, they can cause sewer lines to plug and pumps to fail, leading to sewer backups into homes and businesses and possibly cause serious property damage," read a Monday news release from the city.

The city's utilities division offers free service and is available at all hours for those experiencing drainage backups, including during holidays.

People needing assistance can contact the Woodbury Public Works Department weekdays between 7 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Emergencies and other times can be directed to the Washington County Sheriff's Office at 651-439-9381.

More information about sewer backups is available on the City of Woodbury's website or by calling public works at 651-714-3720.