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Corrections: Miller barn repairs will be paid for by heritage society

An error was published on page 2A of the May 25 edition of the Woodbury Bulletin. The city was incorrectly noted as a financing partner for the Miller barn project. After fundraising, Woodbury Heritage Society will pay $60,000 for roofing and siding on the Miller barn.

The Woodbury Bulletin staff takes prides in accurately reporting local news.

The editor will make an effort to respond to any complaints about inaccuracies or errors in the newspaper. If it is determined that the paper published an error, a correction will be prominently displayed, usually on page 2A.

Corrections will be made in as timely a fashion as possible, preferably the week after the error appears in print. Corrections will also be published online on, if a mistake appeared online.

To report any error or inaccuracy, contact the editor at or 651-702-0973.