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Franken cold, Coleman warm at FarmFest

Democrat Al Franken said he needed to tell Minnesotans what he sees as the truth about U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman during a Senate forum, so he went on the attack early in their first face-to-face meeting.

Just 22 seconds into the FarmFest forum, Franken blasted Coleman.

Franken was not in the friendliest of territories. At one point, he asked whether those in the audience -- mostly farmers -- liked what has been going on the past few years. He obviously expected the crowd to say, "no." But he did not get much of a response, perhaps because farmers have been doing better than usual and that it was a heavily Republican audience.

Republican Coleman received louder applause than Franken throughout the forum.

Coleman walked out of the forum tent happy. He felt like he was among his own at FarmFest, or at least among people who like him.

"In the end, people are going to have to judge us for what we have done," Coleman said.

That's a comment with two meanings: First, and most obviously, it means Coleman has served farmers for six years in the Senate. But also, Coleman probably was trying to remind voters about Franken's past controversial writings.