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WHS fashion students model final creations

Woodbury High School senior Ethan Turner, the only male in the fashion class, made a dress vest for his final project.1 / 2
The female fashion students were tasked with sewing skirts in addition to an accessory of some sort, such as scarves, mittens, hats, purses and vests.2 / 2

Woodbury High School's future Calvin Kleins, Vera Wangs and Stella McCartneys put their creations on parade last week.

Joanna Lerud's fashion design students hosted a fashion show on Nov. 28 where they modeled their creations from the past trimester.

"It's a great way for them to show off their clothes," Lerud said. "It's a great way to promote the class, too."

Throughout the one-trimester class, students studied fashion design through elements and principals of design, history of fashion, color schemes, sewing and knitting.

"It's just an introduction to a lot of parts of fashion," Lerud said.

WHS senior Paige Larson said she decided to take the class because she wanted to gain a better understanding of fashion.

"I was just interested to learn more about fashion," she said. "I don't know much about the history of it."

For WHS senior Phoenix Plaskett it was more about learning how to make her own clothes.

"I wanted to learn how to make my own stuff and be able to fix my clothes if it needed to be," she said. "I just wanted to be able to sew my own stuff rather than buying it.

"You'll be more independent by knowing how to do it because you won't have to always go and buy stuff, you can make it."

However, several of Lerud's students took the class because they have their sights set on becoming fashion designers, like senior Ethan Turner, the only boy in Lerud's class.

"I've kind of always been interested in fashion," he said. "After I get enough money, I want to start my own label, so I figured why not get started now so that when it comes time to actually start, I'll know what I'm doing."

Turner said he enjoys fashion because of the colors, the patterns and he loves dressing up.

"I like to dress classy," he said. "Plus, I've always wanted to be on the cover of a magazine like GQ or something."

For the past four weeks Lerud's students have been working on designing and sewing, or knitting, accessories such as scarves, hats, mittens, headbands and even purses.

Additionally, the girls in Lerud's class were tasked with sewing skirts.

Turner opted to make a vest instead.

"The girls were making skirts, and I'm obviously not going to wear a skirt," he said. "So, I asked if I could do a vest."

Larson said she decided on the pattern for her dress after browsing through fabrics.

Plaskett said she went with plaid because it's a pattern that she really likes.

Lerud, who has been teaching the fashion design class for nearly 10 years, said it's a lot more beneficial class than people realize because not only does it teach students sewing skills, but it also helps with their math skills through measurements.

"They can all use the sewing skills for things like just sewing hems and buttons when they get to college," she said. "They'll be using these skills forever."

Amber Kispert-Smith

Amber Kispert-Smith has been the schools and Afton reporter at the Woodbury Bulletin since 2008. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Minnesota. She previously worked as a reporter for Press Publications in White Bear Lake.

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