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Jacobus settles in at first District 833 School Board meeting

New Superintendent Keith Jacobus took his seat with the District 833 School Board on Tuesday, July 17, for the first time.

New Superintendent Keith Jacobus took his place beside the District 833 School Board for the first time last week and, so far, he's making good on promises he made during board interviews.

He told board members of his "100 days plan" to make visits to schools, district facilities, cities, communities and meet citizens on each of his first 100 days in the district.

Between July 5 and July 16 - the night of the first meeting - he's made 23 visits around the district so that puts him ahead of schedule.

By the time 100 days have passed, he'll make a lot more than 100 visits, he told board members.

Though he said he already knew 833 is a great district, Jacobus said he has been discovering it's true during his visits.

Meetings have been positive.

"I found excitement," he said after the meeting, with people telling him that the district is a great place to work.

Jacobus, in his board report, expanded on the number of summer programs taking place including 1,200 students and 120 teachers in "Summer Campus" to get students up to speed for the coming year.

He also talked about summer construction and, in a departure from traditional superintendent reports, asked Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education Keith Ryskoski to give the board more information about a consent agenda item about a grant to find more ways for kids to safely walk or bike to school.

Judy Spooner
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