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Stillwater principals shift between schools

Four long-time principals in the Stillwater Area Public School District will be shuffling around next year when they move between schools as part of a change designed to expand the principals' leadership skills and allow for professional growth, according to information provided by the district.

Andy Fields, of Lake Elmo Elementary, will move to Oak-land Junior High; Derek Berg, of Oak-Land Junior High, will move to Stonebridge Elementary; Heather Nelson, of Stonebridge Elementary, will move to Rutherford Elementary; and Stephen Gorde, of Rutherford Elementary, will move to Lake Elmo Elementary.

The four principals will finish out the school year at their current schools and will make the move to their new schools over the summer. They will spend the next several months transitioning between schools, meeting with staff and parents, and getting to know their new school communities.

-Amber Kispert