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Students cook -- and act -- with stones

Third grade student Sea-C Green starred as the "old lady" in Kathy Ryan's students' production of "Stone Soup" at Woodbury Elementary on May 28. Staff photo by Amber Kispert

Third grade classes at Woodbury Elementary showed off their acting and music skills, as well as their cooking skills, during the productions of the mini-musical "Stone Soup" May 28 to June 2.

Stone Soup tells the tale of three travelers who are tired and hungry, and who happen upon an old woman and her grandchildren.

The travelers ask the woman for some food, but she is hesitant at first to share her food. But once the travelers inform her that they can make soup with just stones, she has a change of heart.

The travelers continue to trick the woman into adding more ingredients in order to make the soup taste better.

In the end, everyone enjoys a bowl of the delicious-tasting soup.

"Most students like the play because it allows them a chance to perform for others and share their talents," music teacher Martha Fridgen said.

In addition to the students who have parts in the play, there are also students who play instruments to accompany the songs.

Fridgen said putting on a musical is a great learning experience for the students.

"Students can learn many things from participating in a play -- teamwork is huge in a production like this one," she said. "Students have to realize the importance of how their own individual part is vital to the success of the play as a whole.

"The students also learn about the many things that are needed to put on a musical."

Amber Kispert-Smith

Amber Kispert-Smith has been the schools and Afton reporter at the Woodbury Bulletin since 2008. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Minnesota. She previously worked as a reporter for Press Publications in White Bear Lake.

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