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School menus for Valley Crossing School, June 8 to June 12

The South Washington County School District 833 Nutrition Services program features the following entrée items the week of June 8 for Valley Crossing Community School.

Monday, June 8 - Breakfast: assorted cereals and strawberry/banana French toast; Lunch: meatballs

Tuesday, June 9 - Breakfast: muffin and yogurt; Lunch: baked chicken nuggets

Wednesday, June 10 - Breakfast: assorted cereals and biscuit; Lunch: mac and cheese

Thursday, June 11 - Breakfast: pancakes and wedge potato; Lunch: hard or soft shell taco with choice of meat and cheese

Friday, June 12 - Breakfast: assorted cereals and cranberry bread; Lunch: spaghetti with meatballs or meatless sauce

"Another Healthy Choice," a second lunch option available daily each week, features a ham focaccia sandwich, milk, and depending on the day: sunflower seeds or yogurt or pretzels; salad or veggies and dip or hot veggie; and fruit or juice.