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Lake Junior High students take home purple ribbon

Four teams from Lake Junior High School competed against middle school teams across the state Wednesday, May 13 in the Project Citizen 2009 Minnesota State Showcase. Teams took home several blue and red ribbons and one first-place purple ribbon for outstanding presentation.

Civics teacher Karl Jensen led the teams from Lake selected to participate in the showcase.

Project Citizen is a national program which helps middle school students learn to express their opinions, to decide which level of government and which agency is most appropriate for dealing with problems they identify, and how to influence policy decisions at that level.

Students work cooperatively with each other and with teachers and adult volunteers as they identify a problem to study, gather information, examine solutions, develop public policy positions, and create action plans.

Four final groups were selected to display their portfolios in the Minnesota State Capitol Rotunda and to be judged by state representatives and other education professionals.

Taking home the purple ribbon for their presentation "Energy Consumption during the Holidays" were: Erica Chung, Emma Danbury, Jil Pavagadhi and Libby Witte. Other Lake Junior High team members taking home blue and red ribbons were: Tyler Nelson, Jeff Shoemaker, Kim Clinch, Jamie Reetz, Mikaela Hunter, Eve Lewis, Ryan Karrow, Meaghan Fudge, Jenna Karrow, Ainslee Neu, Libby Edgar, Francesca Ippoliti, Sureya Hussani, and Sara Cooper.

Project Citizen is sponsored by the National Conference of State Legislatures and the Center for Civic Education.