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Sixth-graders coordinate blood drive

They might be too young to donate blood themselves, but sixth-graders at Afton-Lakeland Elementary School proved you're never too young to make a difference.

With help from parent volunteer Bob Dickie, sixth-graders organized and hosted what Red Cross officials are calling the first elementary student-run blood drive in the east metro area.

The drive, held Tuesday, April 21, brought in about 30 donors, mostly school staff and parents.

Sixth-graders did all the behind the scenes work, including recruiting blood donors, making reminder phone calls, setting up the media center for the event, greeting donors at the door, and making food to serve to donors after the blood draw.

"My mom and dad and brothers give blood," said Erin Dickie, the sixth-grader who helped coordinate the event with help from her father, Bob. "I thought this was a great opportunity and a great way to help the community. It's a great way to help save lives."