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School lunch menu week of April 13 to April 17

The South Washington County School District 833 Nutrition Services program serves all District 833 schools and Valley Crossing Community School.

Complete and current menus and more may be found under "Quick Links," "Lunch Menu" at

Elementary schools

"Another Healthy Choice" is a second lunch option available daily each week. This week's selection features a ham focaccia sandwich, milk and depending on the day: sunflower seeds, yogurt or pretzels; salad, veggies and dip or hot veggie; and fruit or juice.

Monday, April 13 - No school at Valley Crossing; Breakfast: assorted cereals and strawberry/banana French toast sticks; Lunch: cheeseburger or hamburger on a bun

Tuesday, April 14 - Breakfast: muffin and yogurt; Lunch: baked chicken nuggets; pizza at Bailey, Valley Crossing and Woodbury

Wednesday, April 15 - Breakfast: assorted cereals and biscuit; Lunch: mac and cheese

Thursday, April 16 - Breakfast: pancakes and potato; Lunch: hard or soft shell taco with choice of meat or cheese

Friday, April 17 - Breakfast: assorted cereals and cranberry bread; Lunch: spaghetti with meatballs or meatless sauce

Junior high schools

A breakfast of assorted cereals or a hot breakfast item is available each day at Woodbury Junior High School.

Three to four cold lunch options, including sandwiches and a salad, are available for lunch each day at both junior high schools in addition to the following lunch items.

Monday, April 13 - Choice of pasta and sauce

Tuesday, April 14 - Lake: mini corn dogs or chicken patty on a bun; WJH: hard or soft shell taco with choice of meat or cheese

Wednesday, April 15 - Lake: pizza; WJH: mini corn dogs or chicken patty on a bun

Thursday, April 16 - Lake: hard or soft shell taco with choice of meat or cheese; WJH: pizza

Friday, April 17 - Italian Dunkers with meatless sauce or cheese bread

Woodbury High School

Monday, April 13 - Manager's choice or sweet and sour chicken

Tuesday, April 14 - Hot ham and cheese sandwich or meatballs with mashed potatoes and gravy

Wednesday, April 15 - Choice of pasta and sauce

Thursday, April 16 - French toast sticks or Mexican beef wrap

Friday, April 17 - Turkey pot pie or LunchAround Pizza