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Gateway Program expansion sought

Parents in support of the Gateway Program for gifted and talented students are trying to rally support to expand it.

Two fathers appeared at the School District 833 board meeting on Thursday, Oct. 23, to ask board members to consider expanding the program to the middle school level.

Currently, the Gateway Program is based at Royal Oaks Elementary School in Woodbury and serves students in grades three to six.

"My son would come home from school every day in second grade, complaining that things were boring," said Bill Taylor.

"In third grade [in the Gateway program], he now has many friends and comes home every day saying how good school is."

He added that a survey of parents whose children were in the Gateway Program resulted in 65 percent saying they would prefer the program to continue through middle school.

"We are uncertain of how the middle school transition plan will accommodate [our Gateway] students," added Taylor, referring to the change from junior high to middle school which will take place across the district in fall 2009.

No action was taken on the presentation at the meeting.