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833 School Board chooses 2017 chairwoman

Katy McElwee-Stevens took the helm of the South Washington County School Board. She was elected Thursday to serve as chairwoman of District 833's governing body in 2017.

McElwee-Stevens served as vice-chairwoman last year, and Tracy Brunnette was named vice chairwoman this year.

Sharon Van Leer and Katie Schwartz switched leadership roles. Van Leer moved to clerk, and Schwartz will serve as treasurer.

Ron Kath had served four years as chairman of the board. He made one motion for all four of the changes, and the board unanimously passed the proposal.

With a separate unanimous vote, board members gave themselves no increase in their own pay, keeping it at $400 a month. Board member compensation was included in a motion along with other noncontroversial items on the consent agenda.

— Mathias Baden