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District officials ponder Valley Crossing's walls and enrollment

The process for feedback on Valley Crossing Elementary School's physical space consists of:

• September and October: observations, conversations, and feedback from staff, students and families during conferences;

• Oct. 26: steering committee meeting;

• Nov. 1: parent update session with final input on physical space, 2017-18 school enrollment, program selection (either single-grade or multi-age) and staffing process;

• Nov. 8: steering committee meeting;

• Dec. 1: final physical space plan submitted to an architect for completion by fall 2017.

District 833 plans to get the flexible space in the building "just right," assistant superintendent Julie Nielsen said.

Valley Crossing's enrollment evening takes place on Dec. 6, when families will tour the school and complete enrollment paperwork. Parents' decisions about either a single-grade or multi-age "delivery system," Nielsen said, will be required by Dec. 16.

— Mathias Baden