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District 833 School Board candidate profiles

South Washington County voters will fill a majority of School District 833 School Board seats in the Nov. 5 election.

Five of the board’s seven seats are on the ballot.

Three candidates are running for a two-year seat: Laurie Johnson, Susan Richardson and David Firkus. Firkus has not responded to Bulletin inquiries for election stories.

There are 14 candidates on the ballot to fill four four-year seats: Tracy Brunnette, Michael Edman, Raj Gandhi, John Griffin Jr., Fred Hess, Leilani Holmstadt, Wayne Johnson, David Kemper, Molly Lutz, Katy McElwee-Stevens, Katie Schwartz, Mike Thissen and Sharon Van Leer. Safiyyah Cummings also will be on the ballot for a four-year seat, but she recently said she is not actively campaigning.

The Bulletin asked all candidates about how their experiences have prepared them to serve; whether they support the district’s referendum on the Nov. 5 ballot; what issues led them to run for the board; and if they agree with the district’s move toward personalized learning with the use of iPads and other devices.