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Police reports: Suggestive note stuck to woman's door, party bus beating, road rage, more ...

Police were called May 28 to the 1000 block of Briar Glen Lane for an anonymous report of juveniles beating on a wagon with sticks. Police found kids playing in a garage. "No beat up wagons visible," the report states.

Police responded May 28 to Walmart, 10240 Hudson Road, for a report of a shoplifter fleeing. An officer stopped a vehicle the suspect was in on Interstate 94, where stolen items were recovered. During the stop, a woman in the vehicle had a medical emergency that required her to be hospitalized. At the hospital, Woodbury police learned the woman was listed as a missing person from Anoka County and had numerous warrants for her arrest. The driver of the vehicle, a Minneapolis man, was arrested and jailed. A passenger from Minneapolis with Freeborn County warrants was also arrested.

A woman reported May 29 that she spotted a suspicious male in a vehicle parked outside her home in the 2200 block of Wildflower Lane. The male, described as approximately 20 years old, watched as she got out of her vehicle and went inside her home. About 30 minutes later, the woman heard a knock on her door and then the sound of footsteps running off. She looked out the door and saw the suspicious male driving off. The woman then found a note on the door "which read something similar to, 'Hey, you're a hot (woman), call me,'" the report states. Police checked a phone number listed on the note and connected it with a male suspect, who was not identified.

A Woodbury man reported May 29 that he had been assaulted. The man had returned home bleeding from the head and told his mother he had been "jumped." He was taken to Woodwinds Health Campus, where police later interviewed him. The man admitted he was drunk on a party bus and got into an argument with another Woodbury man who punched him in the face. The man, whose preliminary blood-alcohol content was 0.14, did not wish to press charges.

Workers at T Mobile, 7455 Currell Blvd., reported May 30 that male ran out of the store with two iPhones. The man clipped security wires with a wire cutter before taking off. Store workers were able to disable the phones, which were valued at $630 each.

An anonymous caller reported a road rage incident May 31 in the 2100 block of Radio Drive. The complainant reported that driving east on Central Park Place, she drove around a vehicle that she thought was turning into Kowalski's Market. Soon after, that vehicle drove up close to the complainant's and "mirrored her every move to evade her," the report states. The complainant made a U-turn and drove to the nearby police station, which apparently prompted the suspect to stop tailing the complainant.

A Woodbury resident reported May 31 that he saw someone dumping waste near a swamp at Eastview and St. John's drives. Police determined the dumped material to be sod.

Police responded May 31 to a possible burglary in progress. A complainant saw what she believed to be a person attempting to enter an upstairs window of a home. Police investigated the scene, which involved a group of juveniles who had accidentally locked themselves out of their house. The juveniles climbed onto the roof and went back in through an open window.

A resident in York Alcove reported a burglary to her shed on June 4. The woman said she heard a loud bang in her backyard and looked out to see two juvenile males near the shed. The woman yelled out a window and the suspects fled. The suspects damaged the shed while attempting to enter.

A Cottage Grove man staying at the Red Roof Inn, 1806 Wooddale Drive, reported June 1 that his wife was standing outside their room when a man with a thin mustache drove past and said, "Come on, let's party." The complainant suspected the man was interested in drugs or sex. The suspect left in his vehicle.

A Woodbury woman reported June 1 that her iPad was stolen from the women's locker room at Life Time Fitness, 675 Commons Drive. The device was taken while it was momentarily set on a table while the victim washed her hands. Loss: $600.

Police were called June 2 to a road rage incident at Hudson Road and Settlers Ridge Parkway. Officers spoke with the mother of the victim, who said her daughter -- who is just learning to drive -- had left Chipotle and "took a while to turn" onto Woodbury Drive, prompting the suspects to become upset and throw two water bottles at the vehicle. When the vehicles got to Hudson Road and Settlers Ridge Parkway, the passenger of the pursuing vehicle got out and confronted the victim, who had also exited her vehicle. The passenger took a swing at the girl, but did not connect. The passenger returned to her vehicle, a 1998 silver Lexus, after being instructed by the driver. The complainant did not seek charges.