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Police reports: Road ragers, jogger spooked, MSA mischief, more ...

The father of a Woodbury High School student reported May 14 that his son's iPhone was stolen from his backpack at the school. The student suspected the culprit was someone else who had been testing with him. Loss: $500.

A Woodbury man reported May 14 that he was assaulted by a friend in the 1400 block of Surrey Lane. The suspect, an Oakdale man, left the scene, but was located by police as he was riding his bicycle. He eventually got off the bike and caused a scene while being detained by police. He was arrested on suspicion of fleeing an officer, disorderly conduct and obstructing the legal process.

Police were called May 14 to Walmart, 10240 Hudson Road, for a road rage report. A suspect was located and admitted to throwing pennies and cursing at a man after the man refused to give him a cigarette. Police counseled the man, a St. Paul resident, at length on his behavior; he admitted to an anger problem, for which he takes medication. Police suggested the man consult his doctor to re-evaluate his medication dosage.

A woman reported suspicious activity May 15 on Sand Castle Drive. The complainant thought she saw two people standing on the back porch of a home there and worried they were burglarizing the house. Police did not locate any suspicious activity. The woman called later and stated it was a shadow from a plant and flag that she had seen - not burglars.

A Woodbury man reported May 16 that he heard a noise outside his home, then looked outside to see three people on the roof of Math and Science Academy. The people appeared to be junior high-age juveniles wearing headlamps. The man witnessed the boys climb down from the building and run. Police were unable to locate the boys.

A Lake Elmo woman reported a road rage incident May 16. The woman said she was driving on Hudson Road behind a Chevrolet Lumina that was driving slowly so she honked. When she pulled into Woodbury Lakes, the slow-driving motorist, a Woodbury man, came up and confronted her and threatened "to punch her husband's lights out." The suspect drove off, but police located him. He admitted to arguing with the complainant's husband and was informed that he could be criminally charged for his behavior. The complainant did not seek charges.

A resident in the 3000 block of Edgewater Place reported May 16 that someone stole a sun umbrella from his property. Loss: $114.

Abercrombie Accounting, 7582 Currell Blvd., reported May 17 that a worker had recently resigned and taken numerous client files with her that belonged to the firm. The complainant was advised to handle the matter through the civil, not criminal, process.

Police were called May 17 to Red Roof Inn, 1806 Wooddale Drive, to assist with an eviction. A female there failed to check out of her room and was rude to staff. Police located the woman lying on the floor of a motel room. She was partially clothed and covered in feces and urine. A nurse was on the scene and reported she had attempted to interview the woman for in-home care, but the Red Roof tenant refused and was rude to her. The woman had been at a nursing home but didn't like it there so she checked into the Red Roof. The woman's son arrived and took her to another hotel.

Workers at Bed Bath and Beyond, 8250 Tamarack Village, reported a theft on May 17. Two women and a man were suspected of coordinating the theft of about $690 worth of bedding merchandise.

Bailey Nursery reported May 18 that 45 gallons of fuel were siphoned from a vehicle parked at the nursery on Bailey Road. Loss: $189.

A Woodbury woman reported May 18 that two males got out of a vehicle near Pioneer Drive and Lake Road, and began chasing her daughter while she was jogging. Scared, the girl ran home and the males stopped following.