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Police reports: wheelchair-driving boy witnessed swiping sugar cane, teen busted with pot, huffer at Target, more ...

A Woodbury man reported April 23 that his neighbor from two doors down was shouting at him, calling him an "old pedophile." Police attempted making contact with the name-caller, a Rimbley Road woman who refused to talk to police.

Police were called April 23 to a suspicious situation at Target, 7200 Valley Creek Plaza. A caller reported seeing a man staggering around the entrance huffing a substance from a can. Police found the man unresponsive 10 feet from the store's entrance. The man, who was attended to by medics, was found with numerous cans of Endust - a cleaning solvent that carries the warning "intentional misuse by deliberately inhaling may be fatal" on the can - in his hands, coat sleeves and on the ground. The man had several warrants for his arrest and when police searched his pockets, they found several citations for trespassing, theft and abuse of toxic substances. He was cited for abuse of toxic substances and taken to jail in Stillwater.

A woman reported April 24 that her daughters iPhone was stolen from the girls' locker room at Woodbury High School. The complainant tracked the phone to a Woodbury woman's residence. The woman told police that a male student at WHS had given her the phone and said she had planned on returning it the next day.

Police were called April 24 to a Woodbury residence for a possible burglary in progress after residents reported hearing a loud crash outside the home. Police did not find anything suspicious.

A Stillwater woman reported a loose cow on April 25 on Hudson Road between Settlers Ridge Parkway and Manning Avenue. The complainant told dispatchers that she had returned it to the property.

A Woodbury woman reported April 25 that her mother's handicap placard was stolen from her vehicle while parked outside Party City, 1505 Queens Drive.

Police were called April 26 to a fight at a group home in Woodbury. A verbal argument between two women at the home escalated into tussle where one threw a dust pan at the other - a move that led to pushing and shoving that had to be broken up by staff. Police mediated the situation sent the women to their room.

A man reported April 27 that a bag of sugar cane left on his doorstep was stolen. A witness reported seeing two males steal the bag and enter a getaway vehicle. The suspects were described as boys between 5 and 6 in age, one of whom was in a wheelchair. Police refused to release the location of the incident. Loss: $5.

An officer on patrol April 29 entered the 5 Oaks Church back parking lot, where an occupied vehicle was found. The officer detected a strong smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle and spoke with the two occupants, a Woodbury man and a St. Paul woman. The officer said the occupants were clearly under the influence of pot, citing "squinty, watery eyes, and eating out of several bags of chips." The male driver admitted to coming to the parking lot for its seclusion in order to smoke marijuana. He turned over two glass pipes and a bag containing a substance that tested positive for marijuana. He was cited for possession of small amount of marijuana in a motor vehicle and released.

Police encountered an unoccupied vehicle on April 29 at Woodbury Drive and Antrim Road where the road was closed for construction. A check of the vehicle revealed interior panels had been removed, one of which contained a partially empty bottle of Captain Morgan rum. The smell of marijuana was coming from an open window in the vehicle. The officer contacted the registered owner, who said her son had the vehicle and she wouldn't be surprised if he had pot and alcohol inside it. Police searched the vehicle and found a baggie containing a green, leafy substance behind a dashboard panel and a plastic water bong in the trunk. The driver, an East Ridge High School senior, eventually returned to the vehicle and told the officer it had run out of gas before admitting to possessing the booze and pot found inside it. The teen, who had a 0.04 blood-alcohol level, was cited for possession of small amount of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and underage consumption.