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Police reports: Drunken trespasser, road rage, lewd activity, more ...

Workers at St. Croix Cleaners, 9900 Valley Creek Road, reported April 16 that a man dropped off a woman's coat with blood and dirt on it. Police made contact with the owner of the coat - a Woodbury woman - who said the coat was soiled after she and her husband were jumped by a group of people in St. Paul. A St. Paul police report corroborated her story.

A Courtly Road resident reported April 17 that two people arriving in different vehicles had been meeting in a parking lot at about the same time each morning and then performing "intimate activities." An office made contact with the people, who were found talking in the front seat of a car. The people, a Cottage Grove man and a Somerset, Wis., woman, told the officer they were dating and meet at the location daily because they work at the same business, but on opposite shifts. The man and woman agreed to meet elsewhere in the future.

A Woodbury woman reported April 17 that her husband suspected someone siphoned up to five gallons of gas from his vehicle. Police gave the complainant prevention tips.

Police were called April 18 to Sand Castle Drive for a suspicious activity report. A witness reported seeing a man in a white T-shirt climbing onto an elevated porch to a residence. The man entered the residence using a sliding glass door. Dispatchers later received an alarm call at the residence and information that a man was inside without the proper alarm code. The man was the ex-boyfriend of the resident; the couple had broken up the previous day. Police made numerous attempts to get the man to come out. Eventually the resident arrived and provided police with a key. Officers searched the house and found the man asleep and wrapped in a blanket in a bedroom. The man, who was found with a 0.21 blood-alcohol content, was trespassed from the residence and taken to detox in Hastings.

A resident in the 2200 block of Queens Drive reported April 18 that a man had come to her front door and asked her to "look at something." The woman refused, called police and watched the man drive away. Officers located the man and learned he had stopped at the house to let the resident know he had been driving down the street, lost control of his vehicle and accidentally drove onto her front yard. No known damage was found. The man was released from the scene.

Police were called April 18 to a residence in the 1800 block of Regatta Drive for a fight in progress. A witness reported seeing two people rolling around and fighting in the driveway. Police spoke with the combatants, a man and a woman, who described the domestic confrontation. Police determined they were mutual combatants in the fight. No charges.

Officers responded April 18 to a group home in Woodbury for an assault report. A female resident reported that a man there had fired pellets from an air soft gun at her. She confronted the man and sprayed him in the face with air freshener. Police couldn't determine whether the woman had been shot with the pellets, though they seized the man's two air soft guns, a rifle and a handgun from his room.

An Apple Valley man reported April 19 a car being beaten on by a motorist during a road rage episode at Wooddale Drive and Valley Creek Road. Police spoke with the suspect, who said he became upset after seeing the other, unknown, driver on his phone at a green light. An officer told the man, a Woodbury resident, that his actions were unacceptable and could lead to a disorderly conduct ticket if the victim filed a report.

Officials at Woodmere Apartments, 6940 Woodmere Road, reported a strong chemical smell and damage at the apartment of tenants who had been evicted. Firefighters found no unidentified gasses, but noted the apartment smelled strongly of urine and carpeting was wet. A piece of drywall was also missing.

A TCF Bank employee reported being afraid to leave working after spotting suspicious vehicles parked in the lot at 7377 Currell Blvd. Police arrived and found one vehicle in the lot. The vehicle's occupants were eating ice cream. They were told to leave.

A resident in the 700 block of Esther Lane reported April 19 that he found human footprints in his fenced-in yard. Police determined the tracks belonged to an animal. The resident concurred after taking a closer look.

Police responded to a disorderly conduct call April 20 at Keys Café, 1750 Weir Drive, where the passenger of a minivan was seen throwing beer bottles into the parking lot. Police spoke with the suspect by phone. He denied involvement.

Workers at Central Park, 8595 Central Park Place, reported a suspicious backpack left unattended on April 22. Police arrived and saw a group of children exit the bathroom and claim the backpack.

A woman reported April 22 that she lost her wallet, perhaps in the Walmart parking lot, 10240 Hudson Road, and later discovered unauthorized transactions from missing credit cards.