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Police reports: iPads stolen at WHS, misidentified geocacher, pot in the clubhouse

A resident in the 1200 block of Paddock Trail reported April 9 that the family's canoe had been stolen from under the deck at their home. Loss: $300.

Workers at BP, 1569 Woodlane Drive, reported April 10 that a customer got upset inside the convenience store over a rewards program and left, squealing his vehicle's tires. Police spoke with the man by phone. He said he wasn't upset and had peeled out accidentally due to his vehicle's manual transmission.

A female complainant reported April 10 that a license plate was stolen off her vehicle while parked outside Sweet Pea Floral, 783 Radio Drive. Surveillance video revealed a suspect, though the video quality was poor.

Officials at Woodbury High School reported April 12 that three iPads were stolen from the school. The devices had been left unsecured in a classroom on a back table. Several suspects were identified, though none were found in possession of the iPads. Each of the devices, valued at $300 each, contained a WHS property sticker, though there was no tracking capability on the units.

Police were called April 12 to a Woodbury location for a disturbance. A caller reported that a man began arguing about prescription pills in front of children. The argument escalated and the man threatened to have people come over. He left the location. A renter at the location, which police did not disclose, was unable to locate her methadone pills.

Officers responded April 12 to Walmart, 10240 Hudson Road, for a shoplifting report. A worker there witnessed a juvenile male steal cough medicine and a pen. The suspect, who told police he stole the merchandise because he didn't have the money and "wanted to see if he could get away with it," was referred to the Youth Service Bureau.

A Woodbury woman reported suspicious activity April 13 at Powers Lake. The complainant said she saw a female who appeared "strung out" burying something near a tree. Investigation of the incident revealed the woman was geocaching.

Police were called April 13 to Kohl's 7100 Valley Creek Plaza, for a shoplifting complaint. Store security witnessed two females stealing clothes valued at about $450. The suspects, St. Paul woman and a juvenile from St. Paul, were cited and released.

A Woodbury woman reported suspicious activity April 14 on Tamberwood Trail. The woman reported hearing a text message alert outside the home. Police responded and found fresh tire tracks in the driveway and boot prints leading to the front door and back to the tire tracks. A pair of winter gloves were also found at the scene.

A Woodbury man reported April 15 that he encountered a group of young males bolting from the clubhouse emergency door on Landau Alcove. When the man entered the clubhouse, he "became overwhelmed with the smell of marijuana smoke." The man had no information about the suspects.

Police were called April 15 to Plato's Closet, 10150 Hudson Road, for an unwanted person. Workers there said the woman brought in clothes to sell and dropped her keys on the ground. She picked them up and put the keys in the clothing bag. A worker went through the bag but didn't see the keys. The woman became upset and spent the next two hours looking around the store for the keys. Workers eventually called police after the woman refused to leave when the store was closing for the day. Police gave the woman a ride to St. Paul. Two days later, Plato's Closet reported the woman called back, was belligerent to staff about the keys situation and threatened to come back with friends who would shoplift at the store. The woman was trespassed from the store.